Ashleigh Fraser

Pet & Equine Portraits

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My hand drawn, bespoke commission process starts with your own photo. I transform the photo into an outline, then gradually build up detail onto the paper. The finished portrait is a tribute to your pet to treasure for a lifetime.
Final Sketch of Dog
Beginning Sketch of Dog
Second Sketch of Dog
Third Sketch of Dog
Final Sketch of Dog
Beginning Sketch of Dog

Hi, I'm Ashleigh! I'm a pet and equine portrait artist and animal lover from New Zealand, where I share my home with three cats who like to chew the ends of my pencils.

Art and drawing have always been a passion of mine; growing up I spent hours knelt on the ground with my graphite pencils, drawing as many horses as I could find pictures of! After several years of pursuing a Bachelor of Music and, I have come full circle, and am back with pencils in hand, ready to start my journey as an animal portrait artist. My passion for animals and drawing have found a happy union in this process! I find no greater satisfaction than when I create a piece of art that connects an owner with their cherished pets. My work is done in graphite pencils on quality art paper, from photographs you provide.

My goal through this process is to exceed your expectations of what a pencil pet portrait can be, providing you with a bespoke artwork to last a lifetime. I want your pet's personality to shine through my artwork; bringing your pet to life with pencils and paper is my privilege, and I love every minute spent creating my work!


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